Follow Pato on the Socials

There are many footballers but the likes of Alexandre Pato have gained a great command in the social media. There are many fun pages where you get updates about him. To see what he’s up to every day, check out these social media profiles.

Alexandre Pato, for instance, has a huge following on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and also Twitter.


Pato’s profile on Insta

Through Instagram, he is actually ranked as the 1380th in the footballer’s top list. Searching him under such a platform you find him under the username; alexandrepato_oficial. He has a great following here with over three million followers.


Pato’s Twitter is still pretty popular

Alexandre Pato through goes by the Twitter handle AlexandrePato and is verified by the site. Here he has a command of over one million followers.

Social Media as a brand

Once a celebrity gains a reputation and has a good online presence, the work is just maximizing the audience. This is the plat that you get to use to promote your events as well as personal brands. Your name alone is a brand that you can invest in.