Pato in 2018

Before we catch on to what Alexandre Pato has been up to this year, let us first have a look at his history in brief. He was birthed on September the second in the year 1989 in Brazil. The talented player began his football career at the age of 16 and made his first debut in the year 2006. In 2007 he was signed in to the famous Italian club, Milan where he later helped the team to win the Serie A cup in the 2010-2011 season. Later on, in 2013 he returned to Brazil and joined the Corinthians team. After having a successful run at the club, he then proceeded to the famous English Premier League in Chelsea on a loan deal. He then joined Villareal and then proceeded on to China.

Pato has joined Alex Witsel a Belgian international. Pato was signed to the team for a whopping $19 million reports the South China Post. For a player who was only signed for $3million at Corinthians, it was a big raise and a significant advancement for his career. Despite their 2-0 loss against Kashima Antlers during the first-leg of the semi-finals he still has faith that they have a fighting chance. The game which was played on August 2018 was a shock for them especially after holding the fort for about an hour goalless. After the match, the star expressed his grievances especially because of their late arrival in Japan indicating that they should have gone there two days earlier. Nevertheless, Pato has shown high confidence in his teammates, and he is confident that they still have a fighting chance. The next leg is set to be held in three weeks time, and they have the advantage of being on home ground.

In August the 1st 2018, the Brazilian star scored a stunning free kick about 30 yards from the goalkeeper in a match against Shanghai SIPG. The AC Milan’s kick made them level with their opponents having a score of 1-1. The ball beautifully arced towards the goal after seeming to go off course. The kick made the crowd go wild at this stunning kick. Other than the league in China on 17th January 2018 he also expressed his wishes to join the Brazil football team in the World Cup that was held in Russia. In June 29th, 2018 he entertained the whispers circulating especially on the speculations that were made about a move to Celtic. He further went on to acknowledge a Photoshop that was posted on social media which made the Celtic fans more hopeful about the said move. According to the football star tweeted after he shared a shamrock emoji alongside the word Europe.

The Brazillian forward is currently in good shape and is looking forward to his first significant winnings in China this season. This year 2018 has also come with speculations about the football personality with some saying that he seeks to go back home to Milan. While this has been going on it is rumored that he has his eyes on ‘the most beautiful Chinese woman.’ Though they are only rumored it is hard to ignore the fact that he has the charms and is known to land the big fish including Berlusconi’s daughter. According to The Sun he was spotted holidaying on June 13th in the Amalfi Coast.

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With that said Alexandre Pato is a great player who is at his prime and is well on his way to greatness. He likely won’t be retiring for a career in softball anytime soon. Having a closer look at him, he seems to be a nice person who is considered friendly especially by those close to him. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter if you want to get a slice of his amazing life.